Developer Integration

API Documentation

We have a set of XML and JSON datafeeds available to query pricing information from your own application, killboard, or website.

Support is provided by our Google Group: or via Twitter.

EVE-Central participates in the EVE Market Data Relay project. The source code for this website is Open Source, and available at GitHub.

Game data is copyright CCP Games hf. Please see the EVE-Online EULA for more information.

API Endpoints


Marketstat is amongst the oldest endpoints available, and has changed little since 2006. It provides a summary of the market via various statistics, for a given list of types, regions and systems.

Data is provided as a series of parameters:

ParameterUsageRequiredMore than once
hours Statistics for market orders with a reported time up to X hours hold. Defaults to 24. False True
typeid The type ID of the item you are requesting. I.e., 34 for Tritanium. Can be specified more than once. Can be specified in a comma separated list. True True
minQ The minimum quantity in an order to consider it for the statistics. Defaults to a heuristic scaled per type ID. False False
regionlimit Restrict statistics to a region. Can be specified more than once. False True
usesystem Restrict statistics to a system. False False

Quicklook will no longer be supported after January 2017. This data is available from CCP using CREST or ESI.


Return a path between two locales.

Data is provided as a series of positional arguments

Parameter Description
XXX System name, or ID, of the origin
YYY System name, or ID, of the destination

Return reference mineral prices for the calculator in EVEMon.

CSV Dumps

These CSV files contain all of our user provided uploads dating back to 1/15/2006. This is every market log that was uploaded appended end to end (though sorting is not guaranteed).

Due to the age of this data, there are some caveats:

The dump files are available here: TAR file archives are provided for years as a download convenience.